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Welcome to Medical Specialists LLC. Medical Specialists LLC is a specialized recruitment firm that was founded in 1996. The objective is actually a two-pronged effect: to help health care facilities and independent private groups fill their recruitment needs while helping residents, practicing MD/DOs, and PAs find a satisfying and fulfilling career opportunity. Ten years ago, PA recruitment was integrated into Medical Specialists as we saw the growing need in this area of healthcare.


Studies have shown that 85% plus of all residents change opportunities at least one time in the first 5 years of their career. You have studied long and hard to make medicine your primary focus. It is our job to marry your career into a long term partnership-professionally, personally as well as financially.


In an economy where everyone is struggling to find a healthy balance between career achievements as well as personal goals,  we are providing a valuable service to those looking for a career in the medical field. By going through Medical Specialists LLC you not only put yourself in the running for a life changing career, but you are assured that wherever opportunity you do land, it will be a good match not only for you professionally but a personal one for you as well as your family.


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