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Medical Specialists LLC was founded in 1996. My career in physician recruitment began back in 1988 with the recruitment of Emergency Medicine physicians for the mega groups. This has been my primary focus throughout my career. However, 10 years ago, I saw the landscape of healthcare beginning to change and I felt the recruitment needs changing at that time. I began incorporating the recruitment of  Physician Assistants (PAs) as well.   While Emergency Medicine is still my primary focus, I felt the need to further broaden my horizons with Urgent Care, Hospitalists - all off-shoots of Emergency Medicine. My reputation is my most prized possession and I cherish that above all else. With technology changing so dramatically over the past decade, it is paramount to stay abreast of these changes. The total picture should be present, but day to day operations as well. Healthcare is my passion. It has to be since I am a 10 year breast cancer survivor.


Judi Moore

Experience in Placement

Through our experience with the job placement industry, we understand what it takes to make an applicant look attractive to the place they wish to work. We’ll work with our canddidates to make sure their resumes highlight the credentials these hospitals are looking for as well as help them with interview questions and etiquette. Since we also indicated this is a two-pronged approach, we help hospitals/single specialty groups find the proper candidates as well. We prefer to say " we marry" the candidates to opportunities and we will always be active in finding the perfect job connections. At Medical Specialists LLC,  we are always looking to help you succeed.

Let us help you jumpstart your career in the medical industry. If you are looking for a new position or planning a relocation for professional/personal reasons, we look forward to working with you. All inquiries will be held in the strictest of confidence as we abide by the ethics and practices of the National Association of Physician Recruiters (NAPR). We also try and showcase several opportunities by sending these highlighted listings to residencies.

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Judi Moore

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